Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Well it is Tuesday Feb. 5th, I was feeling poorly this morning so decided to stay home and rest. At about 4:00, I started to think about what to send my partner in The 2013 Bead Soup Activity. My primary concern was: "how much to send" ? How much is too much? How much is not enough?  I am so very glad I found some pictures from previous soupers. I want my partner to love what I send BUT I feel it is improtant to not cramp their style or their designing talents. I want them to use my beads and things as a guideline for something that is of their own imagination.
I must have signed up for the 3rd reveal date...of course with my 2 second memory I have forgotten. So I wait......  I wonder how many times I will change up my soup before I need to get it in the mail. For those of you that suffer from the same problem "I can't make up my mind" and "Oh! hang! "just send it all" Maybe I should take my picture and then get it ready for posting...yeah like that is going to work, I'll just unwrap it.  THIS is going to be SOOO much fun!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Penny,
    I am your bead soup partner and I can not wait to see what you send to me to create with I love challenges so I am sure I will have fun creating with the soup that you send to me. I hope that you will enjoy working with what I send to you too.

  2. check out the picture it is just for you