Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm late... I'm late..... I'm really, really late!!!!

I have now had the time to upload the pictures of my bead soup to Therese, I hope she enjoys the soup. For my first time in the soup, it was so very hard to pick out what someone else would like. Therese is  a very talented artist and I bet she is about to amaze me and many others!

As I mention it is my first bead soup hop and Therese thought she would like to make it special for me. Her generosity has left me quite speechless.  Not only did she give me all these wonderful beads...look at the Box.. so very beautiful.
The beads are a lovely selection, I spent almost 2 days trying to decide what to work on first.   We will just have to wait and see what everyone dreams up.

1 comment:

  1. When I saw there was another Penny in the BSBP I just had to come visit! Smelly Nelly is my sister's pet name for me but mostly I am not smelly and am a Penny. Must say I love both of the soups. Lots of scrummy components and beads to play with. My first BSBP too and it's so much fun!
    Big hugs from one Penny to another.