Saturday, February 9, 2013

IZA's Butterfly is DONE

Wow!!!!! this took me so long to make and I know why........FEAR.
The tutorial was great, easy to understand and I highly recommend it. Iza Malczyk  asked me to send her a picture when I finished it.  No pressure here!!!!!!!   I really hope she likes the look of it, it sure doesn't look much like hers............My problem --> I was working with expensive wire, the first time for me. It was not sterling or fine silver but it was new to me . I bought it off Etsy from someone I love to shop with, great guy , great service and if you knew me, you would know why I am not telling you his name or the type of wire I used. Okay, okay the truth is, I have a terrible memory for  names....  The wire at least was silver plated with a white core of some description.  Enough about that , I can tell you the bead in the center is a purple lampwork bead that I can't remember where I got it and the stones are  Swarvorski  and you guessed it..... I can't remember where I got them either.
I want to share something I did find to be true and great advice.  I have been working on this for at least a couple of months; while finishing it up today I noticed it had turned a bit on the yellow side (colour). I thought with all the ins and outs it would take me a couple more months to clean it, since I couldn't remember where my cleaning cloths were. So I remember one  wonderful teacher (my apologies... that's right can't remember her name) from Jewelry mentioning she used Dawn dishwashing soap to clean up her jewelry, So I put a good size drop in my ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine and presto  this butterfly is just simply gleaming.


  1. Wow Your butterfly is gorgeous Penny, I love it. I used to be like that not knowing someone's name or where I purchased material or what the name of the material was, all I can say is keep a journal handy and jot down the names and prices it will help. Also keep your receits that helps too.

  2. LOL - I like your description of everything :)
    But smiles aside - your butterfly is jaw-dropping! I must get my hands on that tutorial and try it (with inexpensive wire first ;) )

  3. Penny, you did an awesome job with this butterfly. She looks ready to take flight! You have inspired me to give this tutorial a try!