Monday, February 18, 2013

Bead Soup Partner, Therese

I have been a bit slow to get this posted. I work all day as a Data
base Manager & IT support for  one of the largest hospitals in Ontario. You would think  working on computers would be like breathing.  Not so, I am just as afraid of working on new stuff as anyone else.
I have never blogged before so I am a bit timid; then I saw what a lovely announcement my beading partner did for me on HER site. So here goes..

Therese Frank is my beading partner and she works as a Police Dispatcher in Montgomery Alabama.
Therese works with seed beads, and boy!!!! once she gets her soup she is going to be challenged...I hope!!!

The above mystery photo was borrowed from Therese's blog , It is my bead soup from Therese...interesting , should arrive this week in the mail.

Also borrowed from Therese's blog is a sample of the style of work she does. Look at all those wonderful beads. I really envy artists that have the patience to work with beads, just incredible and absolutely beautiful.  This is not one of Therese own designs as she mentions in her blog; she bought the tutorial from "Monomint Beading Design" (Etsy ) a James Farrand pattern.
Look what she has done with this......I love the colours!!!!!

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  1. Hi Penny,
    Thank you for the shout out. The pendant you chose to display is one of my favorite tutorials from James, the color combos are endless for this one.