Monday, February 18, 2013

Tree of Life for Kyla

A girlfriend of my daughter is also finishing up high school in June and then off she goes to either university or college. It is so hard to believe these girls have reached this point in their lives. It seems like yesterday they were all so excited about ending grade 8 and then off to high school and NOW it  has come to an end. Kyla has been a school mate of my daughter's since grade 6.
I always wanted to make the tree of life but it isn't my "thing " to wear, so when I recently found out that Kyla loves that type of jewelry, that was all I needed for an excuse.

I made the frame with 16 gauge bronze and the rest of the wire is coated copper. The beads in the tree are an assortment of browns, coppers, rusts, yellows of glass beads with some green Adventurine and Coral Cupolini gemstone chip beads.
The necklace is also a combination of the same beads I used in the ,pendant BUT there are 4 big butterscotch coloured glass beads (my favourite) and some chocolate coloured porcelain beads near where the pendant will sit.  Sound like I am making a dessert!!
Finally the tutorial for the tree (necklace was actually my design) is from "Beading on a budget"  Jamie Anderson (Etsy store).

Penny..till we meet again......

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  1. Hi Penny,
    Kyla, is going to love the necklace with the Tree of Life pendant it is gorgeous!